Ellis House Art Centre will re-open to visitors from Thursday, 30th July

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2020 Exhibitions

Ellis House is proud to exhibit a wide range of artists throughout the year.

Check out what’s on show now and what’s coming up soon.

Member’s Exhibition

Members of the Ellis House Art Centre showcasing their wide range of talent and creativity.

When: 14 May – 29 July
Exhibition Opening: Virtual Exhibition

Tuesday Group

Although Ellis House is not officially open on Tuesdays, a group of dedicated artists meet there each week to share their creativity, using acrylics, oils, watercolours, pastels or ink and pen and a variety of subjects. The group share knowledge, advice, stories, laughter and at lunch time catch up on personal joys. We invite you to visit and spend time looking at our exhibition and hopefully you will purchase something which touches your heart and which you can keep on your wall at home to continue enjoying.

When: 30 July to 16 August
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 2nd August 10am to 5pm

Vincent Mulé & 
Peter Campagna

The exhibition will feature an Australian theme, outback, regional and local aspects of the characters and geological feature of this vast and beautiful country. The exhibition will include the characteristics, characters, flora and fauna of many of our recognisable landmarks. Peter and Vincent have been working independently but have recognised that there are similarities and both seen the beauty in the country we live. They have decided to take this theme one step further, by consolidating their existing and current works to bring it together as one continuous coherent theme with the inclusion of new exciting pieces.

When: 20 August to 16 September
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 23rd August

Curtin Uni Group of 12

To be completed.

When: 10 – 27 September
Exhibition Opening: TBA

Jessica Holliday

To be completed.

When: 1 – 18 October
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 4th October 3pm.

Kathryn Stanley-Hart, Anh Trieu, Chris Rodgers

To be completed.

When: 22 October – 8 November
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 25th October 3pm.

Bayswater Primary School

To be completed.

When: 12 – 29 November
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 15th November

Member's Exhibition & Christmas Party

To be completed.

When: 3 Dec – 20 Dec
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 6th December 3pm.