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2020 Exhibitions

Ellis House is proud to exhibit a wide range of artists throughout the year.

Check out what’s on show now and what’s coming up.

Jessica Holliday

This collection of work titled “Solitude” is inspired by the gift of solitude found in nature. It is a solitude that offers time for contemplation, personal reflection and the chance to discover more of your own identity. As an artist Jessica is driven by a desire to express something of that deeper intimate experience that the landscape can provide. Each work is an expression of moments of solitude, and a contemplation of the solace, and profound peace found at nature’s heart. “ In every walk with nature one receives far more then he seeks” - John Muir

When: 1st – 18th October
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 4th October, 3pm

Kathryn Stanley-Hart, Anh Trieu, Chris Rodgers

Kathryn, Anh and Chris are three individuals with art styles to match. They are inspired by the myriad places and people they have encountered so far on their journeys. Their art combines the realities of life with the memories and emotions engendered by each unique experience. The artists create their own ‘imagined reality’. Kathryn is an intuitive artist, whose quirky style allows the artworks to emerge, using a variety of media. Anh uses pastels to capture those elusive emotions evoked by her love for nature. Chris works instinctively, mostly using her hands or a palette knife, to imbue her paintings with her passion for capturing the essence of each individual experience. These three friends invite you to come and enjoy yourself!

When: 22nd October – 8th November
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 25th October, 3pm

Bayswater Primary School

An exhibition of works entitled 'Field of Inspiration'

When: 12th – 29th November
Exhibition Opening: Friday 13th November, 5.30pm

Member's Exhibition & Christmas Party

A celebration and display of the wonderful artworks created by the many talented artists who are Members of Ellis House Arts Centre. If you'd like to display and sell your artwork, become a Member today!

When: 3rd – 20th December
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 6th December, 3pm