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2022 Exhibitions

Ellis House is proud to exhibit a wide range of artists throughout the year.

Check out what’s on show now and what’s coming up.

'Bite Size' Exhibition

This special exhibition will kick off the 2022 Arts Calendar, and to spice things up all the artworks will be bite-size! With 140+ artworks, which are all 20cm x 25cm, this exhibition is a great place to see different styles, techniques and medias from 30+ local artists. It is also provides a great entrance point for interested art buyers - start your art collection here, you'll be spoilt for choice.

When: 20 January to 6 February 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 23 January 2pm to 4pm

Nancy Hathway and Marie Peters

This is Nancy and Marie's first exhibition and will be full of portraits, landscapes and mosaics.

When: 10 February to 27 February 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 13th February 2pm to 4pm

Katie Firkins, Cheryl Parnham and Dot Camden

When: 3 March to 20 March 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 6th March 2pm to 4pm

Sharn Tutt, Dellarae Brakespeare and Sue Walker

From Crashing Waves to the calm foreshores, to the opening of a flower, to the wonder of birds, to the truly amazing wonder of nature.

When: 21 April - 8 May 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 24th April, 2pm to 4pm

Luke Morgan and Ella Formby

Ella presents: 'état d'esprit du phénix' - An exploration of the cycle of mental health and the constant journey to self betterment. Luke presents ' Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself' - A collection of paintings and sculptures that explore the theme of social control. This includes both external (street signs, traffic lights, etc) and internal (thoughts, anxieties, etc) forms of control.

When: 12 May - 29 May 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 15th May, 2pm to 4pm

Members Autumn Exhibition

When: 2 June to 19 June
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 5th June, 2pm to 4pm

Toby Muia and Dave Williams

Toby presents: Treehouse - A set of oil paintings representing natural areas known intimately to Toby. The paintings explore the feeling of being in nature, of being sheltered, and the interaction of people and place. Dave's passion to paint has been inspired by events and experiences in his life over the past six decades. A driving ambition and productive streak has fuelled his desire to create what he feels.

When: 30 June to 17 July 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 3rd July, 2pm to 4pm

Graeme Dixon and Sam DIxon

Artistic Differences. Australian Outback versus the abstract mind. Grandfather and Grandson painting together but with differing visions of art.

When: 21 July to 7 August 2022
Exhibition Opening: 24th July, 2pm to 4pm

Lois Moir, Angela Paine and Carol Sterling

Three Friends who have a wide range of styles creating art work

When: 11 August - 28 August 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 14th August, 2pm to 4pm

Member's exhibition

A display of new and exciting work by our talented members.

When: 1 September to 18 September 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 4th September 2pm to 4pm

Lorraine Corker

This exhibition is a celebration of Lorraine's 50 years as an artist in which she brings together artworks, collages, sounds and installations to create an immersive experience which captures the essence of each period of her artistic journey.

When: 29 September to 16 October 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 2nd October, 2pm to 4pm

Barbara Swindells

Barbara is interested in the concepts and principles used to set up expressive abstract and semi abstract compositions by the application of compositional elements such as colour, texture, line, surface and space. Barbara uses mainly oils and acrylics, although watercolour, inks and charcoal will be present, colours red, orange, yellow, blue purple and green always exist in her paintings and they are also the Noongar aboriginal seasonal colours. Barbara's intention is to use weathered embossed tin, linoleum, plaster, fillers, glues and sand on surfaces like MDF wood, canvas, ceramic tiles and an assortment of different papers, and may use a combination of these to support images she needs to relate her story, where the cruel unstoppability of time triggers fragments of memories such as the rust patina on roofs, houses built on fading colourful stilts, peeling paint on a child's bicycle or perhaps Northern Territory rainbow lorakeets and tree bark.

When: 20 October -16 November 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 23rd October, 2pm to 4pm

Donna Woodhouse, Chantelle Grummet and Toni Fanali

Triumvirate. Three being a powerful number, and there are three of us, and three for the Goddess of spirit, emotion and earth.

When: 10 November - 27 November 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 13th November, 2pm to 4pm

Members Christmas Exhibition

A display of the creative works of out member's.

When: 1 December - 18 December 2022
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 4th December, 2pm to 4pm