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2021 Exhibitions

Ellis House is proud to exhibit a wide range of artists throughout the year.

Check out what’s on show now and what’s coming up.

FULL CIRCLE - S'n'B Arts Collective

S'n'B Arts Collective is an eclectic mix of women artists who have nurtured and supported each other over the last 20 years. Full Circle reflects the diversity of their arts practice and the power of their extraordinary friendships.

When: 9th September to 26th September 2021
Exhibition Opening: Friday 10th September at 6:00pm

Jane Button

Distant Lands This collection of small scale 2D and 3D works by printmaker and mixed media artist Jane Button will introduce viewers to an eclectic cast of characters and the Distant Lands they inhabit.

When: 30th September to 17th October 2021
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 3rd October at 3pm

Deb Armstrong and Pamella Toster

Skies, 'Scapes and Scents : Our Expressions of Endless Skies, Landscapes & Exotic Scents. Pamella Toster - Resides in Ballidu. Living in the Central Wheatbelt is a constant display of colour, shape, space and line. The landscape is sparse with large expanses of blue sky with green, yellow, ochre or white paddocks on a red or brown ground. When that clear blue sky and the new yellow green crop create that horizon line, nature shows you an abstract, contemporary painting. My wish is to paint and draw my place and sometimes balance it with a bouquet of flowers. Ask me about my work and I say, ‘Colour, shape, space, line AND happiness!’ Deb Armstrong - Resides in Perth . Colour is always my first thought. I prefer to paint a representation of the subject purposely loose, carefree and unrestricted with lots of brush marks and texture. Skies, seascapes and landscapes are my favourite subjects. I also enjoy experimenting with contemporary splashes of colour; allowing for moodiness, and a small degree of abstraction. Pastels Oils, and Acrylic are my preferred medium.

When: 21st October to 7th November 2021
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 24th October at 3pm

Jennie Merritt and Tamayo Leahy

When: 11th to 28th November 2021
Exhibition Opening: TBA

Christmas Exhibition & Party to Celebrate Creativity

When: 2nd December to 19th December 2021
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 5th December, 3pm