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Chantalle Grummet

Chantalle Grummet



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Artist Statement

Having completed a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts, majoring in painting with a side quest into jewellery, metal mini sculptures and clay Chantalle then went on to finish a Graduate Diploma of Teaching, Art in Education. After about 20 years she left public school teaching and now pursues her own art pathways which include community art classes, private art courses and workshops in painting for adults. Chantalle is the artist behind Life Laid Bear, a comical but arty look at situations in life. Coffee addiction, apathy, mythology, parties and Shakespeare are some of the subjects of the Life Laid Bear Paintings. The styles vary as the mythology, stories and feelings suggest different eras of art history. The Bear is a symbol of her inner self and a connection to others, allowing others to identify with the bear situation or feeling regardless of culture, race or gender. The other side of Chantalle’s art is an obsession with portraits of people combined with a love of fairy tale and mythology. In her childhood the stories intertwined with reality, hunting for gnomes or fairy circles, racing through dark groves of trees chased by the fear of evil trolls and meeting witches who made living dolls. This has led to seeing everyone around her as taking part in a fairy tale or legend which influences each portrait she does. We each have a filter on our reality through which we see life and ourselves in it. Chantalle chooses to see the magic, fantasy and wonder in everyday life and its people.