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Nola Gasmier

Nola Gasmier


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Artist Statement

Artists Statement I’m a visual artist who has resided in East Victoria Park for fourteen years. I enjoy painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation work and writing. Having an extensive art education, I’m familiar with academic exegetical writing. My current body of work explores figurative subject matter in the autobiographical context of growing up in the 1950s to 1970s. The images are carried by either bright or subdued colour using a Neo-expressionistic style with loose, free brushwork imparting detail and overall impressions. Each artwork verges on or moves into abstraction. Ambiguous or partially indicated features aim to provoke the viewers’ imagination. The series includes paintings and sculptures. The methodology for the project includes artists’ case studies of George Baselitz (b. 1938), Shani Rhys James (b. 1953), Chantal Joffe (b. 1969) and Will Kurtz (b. 1957).